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Tips for Using the OneButton Studio

Recording Videos with the OneButton Studio

  • Familiarize yourself with the OBS: It can take time to get used to the equipment in the OneButton Studio.  Be prepared to do multiple takes of your video until you have a take that satisfies you.
  • Prepare your flash drive: Make sure you remember to bring your flash drive, and that it is properly formatted and has adequate memory.  For further information, see the Flash Drive Information page.
  • Have a script: It is often helpful to prepare a script for your presentation in advance, especially if you are seeking to convey complex information or if you are presenting in a foreign language.
  • Enunciate: Be sure to speak clearly and carefully when you are recording, so that your instructor and/or classmates will be able to understand you when they view your video.

Creating Assignments with the OneButton Studio

If you are planning to give your students an assignment that requires them to use the OneButton Studio to record video, there are some important considerations to keep in mind.  The OBS is only open during the Regenstein Library TechBar’s hours of operation, and competition for reservation slots can be fierce, especially in large classes.  To make matters easier for your students, consider the following tips:

  • Allow enough time: Make sure that you leave plenty of time between your giving the assignment and the due date, so all your students will have a chance to book a slot in the OneButton Studio and record their videos before the assignment comes due.
  • Stagger due dates: If possible, consider staggering due dates for assignments that will use the OBS.  This can lessen the crunch that results when all your students have the same deadline to record their videos.
  • Provide options:  Rather than requiring that all your students use the OneButton Studio to record their video assignments, you might allow/encourage them to use their smartphones, personal cameras, etc. instead.  This helps ease the demand for the OneButton Studio and increases the likelihood that it will be available for students who wish to reserve a slot.
  • Get help: If you would like advice on a scheduling strategy, contact ATS to request a consultation.

Flash Drive Information

Basic Info

The OneButton Studio requires a USB drive to enable recording. We recommend starting with a USB drive with a minimum of 4GB. The drive must be formatted to FAT32. This will ensure that the drive can be connected to either a Mac or a PC for reviewing and downloading your recorded content.


How long can I record?

An empty, properly formatted FAT32 USB drive will allow you to record up to 50 minutes of video content. Please note that FAT32 has a file size recording limit of 4GB.  

What happens when I run out of space?

The system will automatically stop the recording when you approach the 4GB file size limit, which will occur at around the 50-minute mark. You will need to copy your recording to a laptop or external storage device to continue recording. Please be sure to erase your drive before you continue making new recordings.

Can I fill the drive to capacity?

Since all drives vary, a 4GB drive will not have the full 4096 MB of free space available. There is always a small portion of the drive storage that is allocated to the drive’s directory. You can use larger-capacity drives, but each recording instance will be limited to 4000 MB or just under 4GB of drive space. This is about a 50-minute video recording.

How do the files appear on my drive?

Every time you start and stop a recording, a new folder will be created and placed inside your USB drive. You will find a 1080p mp4 file, a metadata file, and a screenshot. The metadata file is useful for video editing software. The screenshot can be used for online sharing platforms that give you an option to provide a thumbnail for your video.

What if I am using a drive partition?

As long as a portion of your drive is formatted to FAT32, the system will be able to record and store content to your USB.

How do I know whether my flash drive is formatted to FAT32? How do I format it to FAT32 if it is not already formatted?

Follow these steps to check the format of your flash drive:


  1. Insert the flash drive into your computer.
  2. Navigate to This PC.
  3. Right-click on the flash drive.
  4. Select Format from the menu that appears.  The format will be listed under File system.
  5. If the file system is something other than FAT32, select FAT32 from the drop-down menu, and click Start to format it.


  1. Insert the flash drive into your computer.
  2. Open Finder.
  3. Right-click or control-click on the drive icon in the Finder sidebar.
  4. Choose Get Info from the menu that appears.  The format will be listed under Format.
  5. Disk Utility’s name for FAT32 is MS-DOS (FAT).  If your flash drive is formatted in this way, you do not need to take further action.  Otherwise, follow these steps to format to MS-DOS (FAT).

Important Note: Formatting a flash drive will erase any data already on it.  Before formatting your flash drive, make sure you have backed up any important information on it.

If you have more questions regarding the OneButton Studio or your storage device, please email